Psychological and Social Services

We understand that physical illness is not the only factor that impacts your health. Integrate your psychological needs with your primary medical provider to benefit your full body health. This connection provides a better understanding between all your providers of the best treatment plan for you and promises easy scheduling for immediate help. Find confidence in our team which addresses the psychological and social barriers that may be contributing to your life’s struggles.

Complementary Medication

When used correctly, medication is used today to help solve many physical and mental health issues. The potential problem is when separate doctors prescribe medications that will not work well together and may cause more issues for the patient. This type of issue is most often a result of limited communication between providers and a lack of coordinated care for the patient. At Paragon Medical Associates in Las Vegas, we already connect the dots between those providers, their care plan, and the medications. Doctors will easily be able to see your medications and current care plan so all of your care is coordinated and the probability of a favorable outcome is dramatically increased.  

Complete Communication

Complete communication between your providers will not only make their lives easier but yours as well. Rather than sending over your personal information to a large number of different providers all located in different places, all that information already exists in the same roof. You will not have to coordinate faxes, records request, or other logistical nightmares because we already have it in its most detailed form for our inhouse providers. Your psychological and social medical providers will be able to use your full health information and be able to make a plan that is tailored to exactly you for the best outcomes.  

Scheduling Made Easy

Finding a doctor to fit your mental health can be a challenge, especially when they have to fit many logistical requirements. Not only do they need to offer what you need, they also have to be reasonably close to you, fit your insurance, your timeframe, and a large number of other requirements. Scheduling through our office will take away that headache. We make sure to find the doctor that fits your requirements and schedule the appointment for you. Just focus on getting healthy, and we will take care of the rest.

Full Circle Care

Rather than having one professional for each aspect of your medical care, we have a full team across multiple disciplines ready to help you with your medical needs. This benefits you in innumerable ways as it centralizes your care. Each and every professional you interact with will have been hand selected to best fit your personal health. They will be able to better diagnose every issue because they will share information across disciplines, and work together towards a common goal, your health. The findings of one may be able to better predict or assist the findings of another. Connecting and coordinating your care is the key to total body health without the frustration of disconnected care that is unfortunately common in today’s patient care.

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