Telemedicine is a new reality for many medical providers recently.  Fortunately, Paragon Medical Associates in Las Vegas was doing Telemedicine before Telemedicine was cool.   Our team and our entire practice was built to allow flexibility for our patients which has included telemedicine since the beginning.  This allows for better care for all of our patients and better outcomes when flexibility is a cause for many patients to miss critical appointments.

Embracing the Future From The Beginning

Medicine overall has been late to the internet game, but Paragon Medical was started to take advantage of these advancements. For your ease of use, our medical practice is set up so you can access all your information, talk with your provider, as well as make convenient updates to your account. This will work to both educate you on your medical health as well as having you constantly involved in the process.

Full Circle Care

Rather than having one professional for each aspect of your medical care, we have a full team across multiple disciplines ready to help you with your medical needs. This benefits you in innumerable ways as it centralizes your care. Each and every professional you interact with will have been hand selected to best fit your personal health. They will be able to better diagnose every issue because they will share information across disciplines, and work together towards a common goal, your health. The findings of one may be able to better predict or assist the findings of another. Connecting and coordinating your care is the key to total body health without the frustration of disconnected care that is unfortunately common in today’s patient care.

Paragon Medical Associates

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